Upside Down by Samantha Clague

This week we will be celebrating the holiday of Purim.  A time for celebration, music, joy, happiness, fun, food and costumes. We are commemorating that Hashem saved the Jewish people from death and in a moment Haman’s plan was turned upside down.

Adar is a month of vast potential for miracles, repentance, forgiveness and recognition that our world – like the Purim story – is a upside down.

Interestingly, our scholars use the same root word to describe what we will see when we leave this world and move on to the next. The world to come will seem upside down.  Those people who we believed to be lowly and of no consequence will be at the “top” while those that were honored in this world could be at the “bottom”.  

The Gemara is trying to teach us a very important idea. Our perception and our opinion of what we see in this world is just that… opinion.  The manner in which we determine those we honor is upside down. 

We honor the wrong people for the the wrong reasons and neglect those who deserve honor.   Our sports stars over our teachers, those who are charismatic and eloquent over those who studder, etc. What feels real in this world may have little value in the next world.  

The Gemara is teaching is that only Hashem can measure the deeds of a person qualitatively.  He knows what is in your heart, the effort you put in, the difficulty that you faced, and the amount of growth that you achieved.  

This Purim, try to remember that this world world is upside down and the next is right side up, so make your efforts count.

Happy Purim!