Rise Chanukah 5784

Do you ever walk into Home Goods and feel the exhilaration of all the pretty things around you?  Really, I don’t actually need anything but walking through yesterday I really enjoyed seeing so many pretty things.  We live in a material world and it is the Jewish way to embrace beauty and use it for good, thereby uplifting the world with beauty.  

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What a crazy week it’s been.  Everyone is coping differently, but I find many are feeling quite similar. Missing appointments, loosing important items and not being able to focus has been a common complaint. With that introduction, I wanted to share one meaningful mindset shift I experienced this week.

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A letter from Ellyn Hutt

My dear friends, I, along with the rest of the Jewish people everywhere, am in shock and reeling in pain and grief over what has happened and what is happening in the Land of Israel. There really aren't words to convey or describe the difficulty of the situation. Thank you to those who have contacted me and our family, wanting to know if we are safe and hoping we're okay

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This Mourning Period

We are now in the period called the 3 weeks, and it is considered a period of mourning.  I have often wondered how we really mourn for something that we really do not understand.  Historically  the temple was destroyed and we were exiled, but those are not things I REALLY understand because I have never experienced a time with a temple or a world that recognizes G-d and Eretz Yisroel

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