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Phone: (303) 316-6412
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Shake it like a Polaroid picture and RSVP!
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What is one of the most common New Year's resolutions? Get more exercise. ⠀
We spend a lot of time and energy every year getting our bodies in shape and making healthier choices. At TheJE we think that is pretty important too. ⠀
But what about your soul? How does it stay in shape? How can we keep it healthy?⠀
Join us, starting Jan. 8th, and treat yourself to some of the best Jewish "soul" food in Denver - The Shmorg. With an all you can eat buffet, and an amazing selection of thought provoking, soul enriching topics, that will keep you coming back for more. Featured teachers are Rabbi Leban, Rabbi Wasserman, Rabbi Danny Wolfe, Sara Wolfe, and Chaya Parkoff. Sign up now at
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Join us for a Winter Shabbos Dinner on December 21st! Come for Shabbat Dinner in a warm, friendly, homey atmosphere. It’s the Shabbos Dinner Club, back for more gatherings. In the words of one of our participants, you’ll find it “fulfilling, from the heart to the belly.” Go to for more information.
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  • This is a great deal! What are you waiting for? Go to to get special pricing on part two of The Shmorg!
  • All of our hearts at The Jewish Experience go out to those in Pittsburgh. We stand together in grief and support, as a community and as a nation. We would like to share this note, from one our community partners, the DAT Minyan:⠀
"Dear friends,⠀
Our sages teach us that, on account of the willingness of Isaac to be sacrificed by his father - about which we read in today's Parasha -  the Jewish People, for all time, have within us the spiritual capacity to endure the horrors the world has heaped upon us throughout our history.⠀
Tragically, yesterday, at the very moment we read about Isaac's aborted sacrifice, actual sacrifices were being added to the seemingly endless list of Jewish martyrs who died for no other reason than because they were Jewish. ⠀
Words cannot adequately describe our horror, our shock, and our revulsion at this naked display of hatred and viscious anti-Semitism.⠀
At this time, and at this moment, all we have in our arsenal is prayer; prayers for those who were murdered, prayers for those who were wounded, and prayers for the entire nation of Israel, who have been tested yet again.⠀
Hashem Yinkom Et Damam - may G-d avenge their blood, may He comfort the survivors, and may He quickly bring the day, as prophesied by Isaiah: "Bila Hamavet LaNetzach, eliminate death forever - U'Macha Hashem Elokim Dima MayAl Kol Panim - and wipe the tears from every face." ⠀
Rabbi Joseph Friedman"
  • Last chance to sign up. Deadline for the Ladies Getaway is tomorrow, October 26th. You can register for the event here:
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Spend two days in Colorado Springs, filled with amazing speakers, wellness professionals, movement, music, great food, and good friends.  Jewish Experience's Women's division will take you on a journey, far away from the daily grind, so you can focus on someone very special - YOU. Visit our registration page for more information.
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The cooler temperatures are here. So is The Shmorg. Stop by The Jewish Experience Center tonight to warm up, and enjoy some good old fashioned Jewish noshing and learning. For more information visit
  • If you would still like to take advantage of the early bird pricing for this amazing getaway for women, then you will have to act fast! It ends TOMORROW!⠀
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