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399 S Monaco Pkwy Denver, CO 80224
Phone: (303) 316-6412
  • See you tonight at 7pm for our Purim party! Don't forget your costume kids!
  • This Friday night is going to be a great dinner! There are LIMITED seats so you are going to want to RSVP today!
  • #volunteer #thejechesed #chesedcrew⠀
So many of you have asked if you can do more for our community. We are listening, and we are creating more volunteer opportunities for you, your friends, and families to get involved in. Next week you can lend a helping hand at Sandy's Closet, where the proceeds of their sales goes to Keshet of the Rockies. For more information on Keshet and what they do for kids in our community, go to
  • Who helps keep the Denver Jewish community strong? Come for a friendly and inviting Shabbat dinner and meet an amazing Denver Jewish leader, and hear why he is so committed to this community. To RSVP, go to
  • Another mouth watering night is in store for all of our Shmorg Foodies! Tuesday night at 6pm. Check it out! #theshmorg #theje  Need more info? Go to
  • If you are looking for a great meal and some good company, get on over to The Jewish Experience tonight! The Shmorg is at 6PM. Dinner by The East Side Kosher Deli. #shmorg #theje
  • Keep Jewish Outreach alive and attend an event where you can make a huge impact. #jewishgreatnesswc2019 ⠀
  • Fun fact #3 - We also serve good beer at our Wine and Cheese. Just in case wine isn't your thing...⠀
  • Submit your photo today! Submissions will not be taken after Saturday at midnight. Best of luck to those who enter the Jewish Greatness Photo Competition! For more information go to or enter on Instagram with #jewishgreatnesswc2019
  • Upload your pictures of Jewish Greatness to Instagram! Include #jewishgreatnesswc2019, when you post your picture and your photo will be entered into our photo contest. Registration on is required for all entries.
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