Weekly Insights from Ellyn Hutt

Hello from Jerusalem!

We did it before, so we can do it again. The Jewish people worked together during the 40 years in the desert to build the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary, that accompanied them during their journey and that came with them into the Land of Israel and stood for over 400 years here. (Those who have been to Shiloh will remember this.) 

It’s interesting that our sages always comment about how the Jewish people stood at Mount Sinai “as one person with one heart” and what an awesome and necessary experience that was in order for us to receive the Torah.

While that’s true, I have to say that I’ve always been much more impressed with the fact that the Jewish people worked together to build the Mishkan. There’s no record of any fighting, one-upmanship, polarization between people working on one part of the Mishkan versus another part. People donated whatever they had — resources, time, and talent. It’s truly breathtaking!  And then we remember what G-d said to the Jewish people about the building: “They shall make a Sanctuary for Me – so that I may dwell among them.” (Exodus 25:8)

The Infinite Creator of the Universe was telling us that the Divine Presence will only come into our midst and elevate us when we work together — and when we come together and each person contributes her talents and resources, we can create something that is holy and Divine.

The timing for these parshas that talk about the building of the Mishkan and everyone’s contribution and effort that went into it is perfect for The Jewish Experience! We are getting ready to launch our annual fundraiser that will provide the financial resources we need to create and share all the programming we offer for our Denver Jewish community, whether it’s our Women’s Experience, the Sunday Experience for kids, Olami for young professionals, or the general Jewish Experience events, classes, and get-togethers we have. The theme this year is “TOGETHER!” Our goal is to bring Jewish people together to experience the joy and richness of Jewish life and living and to enhance people’s relationships with one another. Together, we can do it! 

So, stay tuned for more information about how you can participate. And in the meantime, let’s think about all the accomplishments we and the world have enjoyed because of people coming together and working together toward a common goal and the pleasure that we get from being part of something amazing!

All the best,