Inspiration from Chaya Parkoff

Dear Ladies

I have been thinking a lot about community lately. Maybe it’s because this past Shabbat the message of the Torah portions was all about the importance of community. Perhaps it’s because this past Shabbat we attended the Bar Mitzvah where the people in attendance represented Jews from all over Denver – people who are members of different synagogues, some who are not members of synagogues, and there were those in attendance who were not Jewish at all, but came to share in the joy of their co-workers, or customers (even their barber was there! He said to my husband and I that the bar mitzvah boy “grew up in my chair.”)

We are very blessed to be part of an organization that works tirelessly to provide educational, informational and inspirational opportunities so that every Jew in Denver can feel connected to our Torah and each other.

We are in the final hours of our Annual Matching Campaign which allows us to continue to do this Holy work. If you have not had the opportunity to participate yet, today all donations are triple matched! Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Feel free to use the link to my page

And… Please join me this Thursday March 23rd at 7:30pm for Jewish Women of the American West with Dr. Jeanne Abrams. I look forward to seeing you there!