Mitzy’s New Apartment

Mitzy moves into a new apartment, and calls her best friend Elsie.

“Come see my new place!”

“I’d love to! Where do you live?”

“780 East 86th Street. You’ll get off the train at 86th, and you’ll see a big red building as soon as you leave the station. You’ll open the the outer door with your right elbow, then in the vestibule, you’ll ring 3A with your left elbow. After I buzz you in, you’ll open the main door with right elbow. Then you’ll walk through the lobby to the elevator, press the call button with your left elbow, get inside, and press number 3 with your right elbow. You’ll make a right when you get off and you’ll see 3A on the first door. You’ll ring my bell with your left elbow, and then I’ll scream for joy when I see you!”

“I’m excited to see you too! But, Mitzy, what’s with all the elbows?”

“What, you’re coming empty-handed?”