The Talking Machine

On his way to work one morning, Nathan arrives at Penn station a bit early.

While he’s waiting for his train, he notices a fancy new machine on the platform – the sign on it says “TRY ME! State-of-the-art Weighing Machine!” So, Nathan stands on it, puts in a $1 bill and the machine says, “You weigh 160 pounds and you are Jewish.”

Nathan can’t believe what he’s just heard. So he gets on it again and
inserts another $1 bill. “You weigh 160 pounds, you are Jewish and you’re
waiting for the 7:35am train to take you to your job at the Bank.”

He is totally shocked, but he’s determined to beat the machine. He goes
into the mens room, ruffles up his hair, puts on a pair of dark sunglasses,
removes his tie, takes off his jacket and drapes it over his arm, and puts
a first aid plaster on his chin. He then goes back outside, steps on the
machine and puts in another $1.

The machine instantly says, “You’re still Jewish and weigh 160 pounds, and you just missed your train.”