This Week in Pictures

It was another wonderfully busy week here at The Jewish Experience. First up – here’s a quick picture of Adam Moskowitz, TJE Board Chair, and Alex Amchislavskiy, Director of Operations, accepting an award from The Life and Legacy Community Celebration.

To learn more about our Life & Legacy please fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Also this week – we’re always happy to welcome the DAT Minyan at TJE.

Massive thank you to Alex Amchislavskiy and Rachael for hosting our first young couples BBQ with the Olami Denver Experience! BH around ten couples came together and had a great time!

And, Mazel Tov to Barry and Sarice Greengus on the Brit Milah of their new baby boy – Avraham Betzalel!