Family Craft: Round Challah

It’s not too early to be thinking about Rosh Hashanah – it will be here before you know it. So why not plan ahead and do this fun craft with the family? There is even a game you can enjoy together once you’re done making the Challah. Check out all the instructions below

Fill 3 knee-hi’s with polyfill or cotton. Tissue paper will work but paper doesn’t have polyfill’s springy softness and will deflate when squeezed by children. And it will be squeezed by children. You don’t own knee’hi’s?  No problem. You definitely live near a Walgreens, because everybody lives near at least two.

Tie together at one end. Braid and circle around to attach the other end.  Aim for a dome shape, not a ball. The traditional circle or crown shape of the Rosh Hashanah challah is meant to invoke the circularity of the year, of life, of a Divine crown, and so on, rather than a soccer ball. 

Try cutting up bits of an old dark sock to make raisins, but any brown or black scrap will do, even paper.

Verdict: Is this project worth the trouble?  Yes, as long as you do not expect little kids to craft every step to perfection. It can teach that Rosh Hashana challot are a different shape than regular challot, and will hopefully cause someone to ask why.  Plus, it has those fine-motor, spatial, patience, following-directions sorts of benefits. Plus, you are spending Jewish time with your kid.  Plus, the result can feature in dramatic play and practical life scenarios.

“Hurl the Challah”

And, if you use enough hot glue to secure those knee-hi’s into permanent challah position, you can turn it into a holiday game. Sanction your child’s urgent need to THROW the challah with:  the Challah Hurl. 

Players take turns (standing behind a line) to toss the challah onto a serving tray without overshooting or overturning. Or, instead of a tray, try a box as the “oven” and stand farther and farther back.