8/14/23 – ELUL: Inspiration from Chaya Parkoff

Dear Ladies

I have run several half-marathons. I had to train for several months in order  to prepare to run those 13.1 miles.  Had I just shown up on marathon day with no preparation, it would be a missed opportunity. 

This Wednesday night we begin the Jewish month of ELUL – the month of preparation for the High Holiday season, namely Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah and Shemini Atzeret! 

Get ready for a 3 week spiritual marathon! 

To prepare for a physical marathon we assess where we are at physically and determine what we need to do in order to be ready for the race (namely exercising and training our physical muscles). 

ELUL is our opportunity to assess where we are spiritually – what we have done well this past year and where we need to improve.  It’s a chance to take a personal accounting and make a plan of action for how we want to show up in the year to come.   

May we all fully utilize this special time and may we all merit to be granted another year of life. 

Love, Chaya