With tear-filled eyes turned to Heaven

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In utter dismay and grief, we add our expression of sorrow and solidarity with the all of the Jewish People in this bitter moment of pain and turmoil.

Just as our uplifting holiday season was reaching its crescendo, the news came crashing down upon us that we had been stricken with the worst single day of brutality and loss since the holocaust.

We are heartbroken and overcome with concern for the men, women and children taken captive, for the recovery of the thousands of wounded, for the bereaved families of hundreds of murdered loved ones, and for the welfare of the valiant soldiers of the IDF. May the Almighty shower us all with compassion, healing, consolation and a speedy end to this sorrow.

Without making any claim to know the Divine plan, one thing we do know. Our Sages have always taught that the Jewish People are most vulnerable when we are in conflict with one another, and by contrast we are most worthy of miraculous protection when we are united. Now is the time to put aside our differences and support each other, on all levels:

1. There are many acute needs, supporting the soldiers at the front, and supporting families in crisis. You can donate to one of many worthy organizations on the ground. Here are some options: 
There are many others.

2. Show genuine concern and care for all those affected, as you would for your own family. We are all one family. Call. Text. Email. 

3. Storm the Heavens with prayer, with Torah and with mitzvos to unlock Divine mercy and protection for the entire Jewish People. There are several local gatherings for communal prayer:
Children’s Rally, Bais Menachem 400 S. Holly St., today 3:00-3:45pm.
Community Gathering, Temple Emanuel 51 Grape St., tonight 7-8pm.
Community Tefillah, EDOS 198 S. Holly St., Tuesday 7:15-8:00pm.

Here are two meaningful thoughts from some noted educators that offer additional insight and suggestions.
Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Rabbi Leib Kelemen

The Jewish Experience staff is available if you need us. 

With blessings and prayers for the speedy resolution to all sorrow, 
Ahron Y. Wasserman
Raphael Leban