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Torah from the Land of Israel With Ellyn Hutt

The Jewish Experience Zoom Room

Torah from the Land of Israel With Ellyn Hutt Whenever the Torah is taken out to be read, we sing "Ki Mi-Tzion Tetze Torah, u'Dvar Hashem M'Yerushalyim," For from Zion […]


Olami: Women’s Weekly Learning

The Olami Lounge

For young professionals in their 20s and 30s Wednesdays at 7PM Young Professionals Night Out Get inspired along with the Jewish Community Group Discussions, One-on-one study sessions and more Food, […]

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Living Mindfully

The Jewish Experience Center 399 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver

Living Mindfully, an interactive course with Gila Ross, Director of the Women's Experience, Author & Podcast Host January 31: Purposefully February 7: Focused February 21: Unified February 28: Loving March […]