Toot Your Own Horn

This year the shofar is blown on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, Sunday, September 20th.

Let’s blow away 5780 and blow in a new year of health and peace.

A New Way To Hear The Shofar

So many of us will not be able to attend services this High Holiday season. How are we going to hear the shofar and blast off into a better year? Grab your own shofar (or buy one*) and let’s learn how to Toot Your Own Horn.

Learn How To Blow the Shofar

With a little practice, and this short instructional video, you’ll be able to blow your own Shofar with confidence. Better yet, you can help others in your neighborhood hear the Shofar. Sign up below to add your name to the Denver Shofar Blowers map below. Let’s make sure that the entire Denver Jewish community gets to hear the Shofar this year!

Hear The Shofar Blow

Below are locations where you can hear the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah. Find a location near you.

*Kosher Shofars are available at very reasonable costs from many reputable online Judaica shops. For example:

Order now for quick delivery, and get started below.

Sign Up For Toot Your Own Horn

If you would like to blow the Shofar for others to hear, please sign up below so we can add you on the map.