Motion Denied

VOLUME 97 NUMBER 2July 23, 2021 Av 14, 5781PARSHAS VA’ESCHANANCandlelighting Time 8:03 PM             The nation is prepared to enter into the Land of Israel and at this juncture we unfortunately…

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Five Joke Friday

Why are frogs always so happy? They eat what ever bugs them.I couldn't figure out why the baseball kept getting larger. Then it hit me.What happens to a frog's car…

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When Are We Arriving?

VOLUME 97 NUMBER 1 July 16, 2021Av 7, 5781PARSHAS DEVARIMCandlelighting Time 8:O8 PM             Moshe blessed the nation that Hashem should expand the people thousandfold. Rashi comments that the people…

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Double Joke Day!

Joke one:A waiter gives a gentleman a cup of coffee. The gentleman takes a sip and spits it out.He turns to the waiter and says, “Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud!” The waiter, looking surprised, turns to the gentleman and says, “But, sir, it’s fresh…

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The Ultimate Handoff

VOLUME 96 NUMBER 8July 9, 2021Tamuz 29, 5781PARSHAS MATOS-MASEICandlelighting Time 8:11 PM             Rabbeinu Bachya on the last verse of sefer Bamidbar compares this verse with the last verse in…

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Cause and Effect

VOLUME 96 NUMBER 7July 1, 2021Tamuz 22, 5781PARSHAS PINCHASCandlelighting Time 8:13 PM          Although Bilaam failed in his attempt to curse us, however, he successfully advised Midian to use its…

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Triple Joke Day!

Laugh One: There were 3 men in the desert and they all wanted something to cool them down. One brought a pail of water. The second brought an umbrella. The…

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Watermelon Greek Salad
Watermelon Salad with Feta,Cucumber,Olive and Mint

Watermelon Greek Salad

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Watermelon Salad with Feta, Cucumber, Olive and Mint Summer is officially here, and if the recent weather is any indication, we're in for a warm season. This recipe is one…

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The Duck

One day a duck walks in a store and ask the manager if they sell grapes. The manager says, "No, we don't sell grapes." The duck goes home and comes…

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A Shot In The Dark

VOLUME 96 NUMBER 7June 25, 2021Tamuz 15, 5781PARSHAS BALAKCandlelighting Time 8:14 PM Balak, the king of Moav, was terrified. The Jewish nation was confronting him and based upon their record…

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