A weekly series for women led by Ellyn Hutt

One word can say it all. Join us as we explore a key word from each week’s parsha and discover inspiration and guidance for our life’s journey.

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This series is sponsored by:

Darlene (née Freedman) and Raphi Jospe in memory of their parents Al and Betty E. Freedman, ob”m

Lenny Kark, Marvin Kark and Edye Londer in memory of their brother and sister in law, Neil and Sharlene Kark, ob”m

Rae Negreann in memory of her father,
Morris Zelinger/Moish Gutman ben Tuvia z’l

Della Gilson-Levy in memory of her sister,
Marla Gilson (Malka Bat Ben Zion) ob”m

Daisy Berl in honor of her wonderful daughter, Tamara Amar ob”m

March 28
2:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Gold Family Bais Medrash at TJE Center

Ellyn Hutt

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