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Bored? Tired of doing the same ol’ thing? Well, here are some fun activities that you can do alone, with friends, or with family.

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Challenge yourself:
1. Name 2 books written by the chofetz chaim
2. Who wrote the shulchan aruch?
3. Who wrote the mishneh torah?
4. Name 3 of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach
5. How many tests did Hashem give Avraham
6. How many berachos in bentching?
7. Why was the second beis hamikdash destroyed?
8. Name the months of jewish calendar
9. What is Negel Vasser?
10. When do we read Megillas Rus?
11. What nation did Haman come from?
12. Name 2 miracles of channukah
13. Name the steps of pesach seder in order
14. Name four fast days
15. What month in Shavuos in?
16. How many days do we count in Sefiras HaOmer?
17. In a leap year, which month occurs twice?
18. On which holiday do many people eat a new fruit?
19. When do we take a bunch of Aravos and hit them against the floor?
20. Who did Hashem say would be the successor of Moses?

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