Triple Joke Day!

Laugh One:
There were 3 men in the desert and they all wanted something to cool them down. One brought a pail of water. The second brought an umbrella. The third took out a car door. The other two said,”Why do you have a car door?” The person said, “So we could roll the windows down when we get hot!”

Laugh Two:
A woman answered the doorbell with a man standing on her porch. The man said, “I’m so very sorry. I just ran over your cat and I would like to replace it for you.” The woman replied, “Well that’s alright with me, but how are you at catching mice?”

Laugh Three:
Person 1: “Why do elephants wear red nail polish?”
Person 2: “I don’t know, why?”
Person 1: “To hide in cherry trees.”
Person 2: “But I’ve never seen an elephant in a cherry tree.”
Person 1: “See, it works.”