The Jewish University is our flagship system of adult Jewish education.

The Jewish University offers you …

• Fluency in the most important areas of Jewish life, thought, and history.
• In-depth knowledge of the entire Torah.
• A clear grasp of the essentials of Jewish philosophy.
• A comprehensive overview of Jewish history from Abraham to modern times.

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• Authenticity

Perhaps the most unique aspect of TJU is that all classes are taught using primary source texts. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to engage the material directly, through close analysis, critical examination and thorough discussion. This method gives you the opportunity to wrestle with the text and see it in its proper context. All materials are translated and organized to make them accessible to students of all levels.

• Comprehensiveness

TJU was designed to give you a comprehensive course of Jewish knowledge. Neither Sunday school nor cultural experiences can provide a sophisticated, thorough understanding of Judaism. TJU will give you a grounding in the most essential areas of Jewish history, philosophy, and practice, as well as a solid grounding in the entire text of the Torah.

Who is it For?

No specific Judaic background is required. Our students are from all educational backgrounds with varying degrees of affiliation. ranging in age from young adults to retirees. The classes are designed to be enriching and meaningful for all Jews regardless of background.


I felt completely comfortable, challenged, and inspired on a weekly basis. Overall, I feel more connected with the local Jewish community and more knowledgeable regarding Jewish traditions, history and customs. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about Jewish learning, especially those who want to learn and grow in a non-judgmental setting.
– Dr. Adam Burstein

TJU provides a thought-provoking, intellectually challenging and stimulating educational experience. All of the rabbis and teachers offer unique insights and teaching styles that enliven the text study. Students are encouraged to ask questions, which enriches the learning experience. In spite of long work days, I looked forward to the weekly classes and believe that my Jewish knowledge and interest in ongoing learning were both strengthened as a result of TJU.
– Shere Kahn

Schedule and Location


Sunday Mornings (10:00 am – 12:30 pm) at BMH-BJ
Third year curriculum
560 S. Monaco Pkwy., Denver

Each session consists of two hour-long classes with a break between the two.

The schedule of classes run through May 2019 and will include pauses for calendar holidays.


TJU instructors are expert scholars and engaging lecturers. They are warm and non-judgemental. Their care and concern for their students go beyond the classroom. Students can approach them with any question, academic or personal. They include:

Rabbi Isaac Wasserman, Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Talmudical Seminary of Denver.

Rabbi Ahron Y. Wasserman, Executive Director of The Jewish Experience. He received his rabbinic ordination and Master’s of Talmudic Studies from Beth Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood, NJ. Descended from a long line of Jewish communal leaders, Rabbi Wasserman is a passionate visionary dedicated to building a more vibrant, richer Jewish community in Denver.

Rabbi Raphael Leban, Managing Director of The Jewish Experience. A student of the Mir Yeshiva in Israel, he received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Z. N. Goldberg of the Jerusalem Beis Din. The author of Torah Today, and the weekly publication Sparks of Torah, Rabbi Leban has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Judaic Studies. He is also an expert skier who loves teaching, shmoozing and cholent.

Ellyn Hutt, a frequent guest speaker for chavurot and Jewish communal organizations and Senior Educator at The Jewish Experience. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from the University of Denver in the fields of Spanish and Economics and earned a Master’s Degree in Economics from D.U. as well. For over 25 years Ellyn has devoted her working life to teaching and studying in the Jewish community. Ellyn focuses on enhancing the understanding and relevance of Jewish life and rituals from a Torah perspective.

Aliza Bulow, National Coordinator for Ner LeElef’s North American Women’s Program, and a Senior Educator for The Jewish Experience. Aliza attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem and also served in the Nachal Torani division of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Rochel Goldbaum, a highly sought-after international speaker who has taught Jewish women for over 15 years.  Her effervescent joy and engaging style has drawn many to her classes and lectures focusing on the topics of parenting, self development, marital harmony, and intimacy in the Jewish home.

Chaya Parkoffan inspiring educator, Life Coach and motivational speaker. Chaya utilizes the wisdom of Torah when she teaches, speaks, and coaches, always making it practical and relevant to everyday life. She holds a B.A. in Communications and a post-bachelor’s degree in Education. In addition, she is a professionally trained Certified Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Eating Disorders Recovery Coach, Childbirth Educator, Labor Coach, and Music Together Instructor.


The curriculum of The Jewish University consists of four modules, the combination of which is intended to give you a comprehensive knowledge of the primary areas of Judaic thought and scholarship.

Jump in at any time! Although The Jewish University operates on a three-year cycle, you can join at the beginning of any year. The curriculum has been designed so that the material of each year is independent of the material taught in a previous year. Just jump in and stay for three years and you will complete the curriculum.

• Jewish Thought

Learn and understand the foundational ideas and concepts which form the basis for Judaic thinking through the ages. This module covers the Jewish approach to free will, suffering, the development of Jewish law, the afterlife, and more – all studied with authentic source texts and class discussion.

• Jewish History

Some of the most crucial aspects of Judaic self-knowledge stem from a clear understanding of Jewish history. This course covers the entire gamut of Jewish history, from Abraham all the way to the modern era.

• Jewish Living

Life as a Jew is greatly enriched by an understanding of the basic details and meanings of the rituals, customs, and observances of Jewish life. Learn the meaning of the holidays and their customs, understand the rituals which mark the passages of life, find the richness of the Jewish practices that suffuse our daily lives – all through the study of authentic text sources.

• The Book

The Torah is the foundational text of our people. For this reason, participants of TJU are taken on a tour of the entire body of the Five Books of Moses. Learn about the essential personalities, events, and lessons of the entire Torah in a mere three years.

Yearly Tuition:

  • $195 tuition for one year of the program.
  • Register with a friend and pay just $325 for BOTH of you.

Registrants are not committed to the entire three-year program. Call for information on scholarships.

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