Three Yiddish Proverbs

(lessons to learn and ponder)

by Alex Amchislavskiy*

Az men zitst in der haim, tsereist men nit kain shtivel.
If you stay at home, you won’t wear out your shoes.
Question 1: What is the benefit of staying home more often?
What is something you appreciate more now that you have been more isolated?

Der leben iz di gretseh metsi-eh, me wrigt es umzist.
Life is the biggest bargain we get it for nothing.
Question 2: What is something you are really grateful for? 
Who is someone you are really grateful for? Let them know!

Az Meshiach vet kumen, vellen alleh krankeh oisgehailt verren; nor a nar vet bleiben a nar.
When the Messiah comes, all the sick will be healed; only a fool will stay a fool.
Question 3: What is the biggest lesson you have learned / are learning from the pandemic?
How can you continue to incorporate it into your life after the pandemic? 

Shabbat Shalom from everyone at TJE and bubbe!

*Special shout out to Fred Kogos for recording so much wisdom.