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From picturesque moments in beautiful Israel to local celebrity sightings at your local East Side Kosher Deli – there was a lot going on in and around The Jewish Experience this week.

An update from Israel

Ellyn Hutt is leading our Women’s trip to Israel right now, and she was able to share these fantastic memories with us. Clockwise from the top left: A tasting of Israeli whiskies in Tzfat, Ellyn at Sunset at Rosh Hanikra, the full group enjoying the program with Elisheva at the Tzfat Mikvah, and the full group near the border at Lebanon at Rosh Hanikra. We look forward to more photos and wish the entire group a safe and meaningful visit.

And of course, while the women are enjoying their trip, the husbands all gathered to enjoy a meal together at The East Side Kosher Deli.

And speaking of The East Side Kosher Deli…

This week was the 4th week of Rabbi Leban’s Lunch and Learn series, studying the “Thank you Hashem” program. To celebrate the completion of the series, they visited The East Side Kosher Deli for lunch. In the midst of Rabbi Leban speaking of their accomplishment, he said the words “Thank you Hashem” and looked up. What he was so surprised to see was Joey Newcomb, a singer from New York who is known for his single “Thank you Hashem.” Joey Newcomb also happens to be the person behind the Thank You Hashem website. He was visiting the Deli on his way to Vail.

Who would ever have thought that these students would just happen to be at the Deli that very same moment that Joey Newcomb was visiting? The following photo is that moment captured, proof that Hashem runs the world.

Olami Denver Experience

Our Olami Denver Experience team had another successful week of Torah study with Young Professionals, and Sara Wolfe enjoys some help from Lily Gross setting up for another big Shabbos Dinner.