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As we welcome home our travelers from their most recent trip to Israel, we had to share a few more amazing memories. What an incredible experience they all had! Todah raba Ellyn Hutt for leading this experience of resilience, reconnection and renewal.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Ellyn Hutt in a new underground synagogue at the Western Wall Kotel.
  • The Rosh HaNikra grottoes.
  • Brent and Jolie Eisen, who are from Denver and offered this dedication of a life-saving motorcycle to Hatzalah in memory of their parents.
  • Ellyn with Renée LaZar – who we are also thrilled to welcome as our new Administrator at the TJE center – be sure to say hi when you stop in!

Below: Rob Klugman and friends gathered at TJE Tuesday night for a Siyum celebration of almost a decade of studying Talmud Berachos.

Below: Manny Ladis came to SMS Friday morning to make the blessing after his miraculous survival of a massive avalanche.

And it was another fabulous week for Olami Denver Experience! They enjoyed another great weekly men’s Talmud class; Learn it, ‘Livet’, Love it! – PLUS there were TWO engagements to celebrate!

Both of the following newly engaged couples are very involved with Olami Denver Experience! Mazel Tov! (Left to right) Zach Cytryn and Arielle Herzberg; Isaac Gould and Shoshi Preuss