This Week in Pictures

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This week we welcomed Tu B’Shavat, and TJE was honored to have Rabbi Menachem Nissel with us, who hosted events for both the Sunday Experience and we enjoyed a fascinating and educational Tu B’Shavat Seder filled with all the delicious fruits and nuts of the season and plenty of meaningful education from Rabbi Nissel. Here are a few photos to enjoy.

The Olami Denver team also welcomed a week filled with learning for both men and women. Check out these great photos from our Women’s Learning night on Wednesday and our Men’s night on Thursday.

Did you know? Or own Rabbi Danny Wolfe joined 39 other Rabbis for Rabbis Can Run in Sunrise, Florida this past week. He completed an incredible 1/2 marathon! Mazel Tov to Rabbi Wolfe! Look closely in the group picture and you’ll also spot Rabbi Zev Kahn, who runs our Clean Speech Illinois team! Mazel Tov to Rabbi Kahn as well!