This Week In Pictures

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It has been a busy few weeks here at TJE – and we’ve got the photos to prove it! From Shabbos Dinners to Challah/Babka bakes, center improvements and more, there is a lot to catch up on. Here is another look at This Week In Pictures!

Olami Denver Experience celebrated another fantastic Shabbos Dinner together last week, and we were lucky enough to get a few snaps before sunset! Thanks to Rabbi Wolfe, photographer!

And speaking of the Olami Denver Experience team – they also launched the brand new Women’s Program – Ascend – with a super fun Challah and Babka bake. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! These photos courtesy Rabbi Tzvi and PB Alyesh!

You’ve probably noticed our brand-new stones in front of the TJE Center, as part of a Security Grant. Lots of improvements have been made to the facility, including new cameras, lights, these stones and more! Here are a few more snaps of the stones being installed! Thanks to Chaya Leah Bruk for the photos!

Clean Speech Colorado Volume 4: Words of Love | Ahavas Chesed will be launching this November! As part of the preparations for this year’s exciting new campaign, Rabbi Leban and team have been visiting our local schools to get all our Jewish educators caught up on the new student curriculum and all the great material they’ll have for their classes this year. Stay tuned for more on Clean Speech Colorado Volume 4! Photos by Malka Leban!