Rabbi Raphael Leban

Managing Director

For almost two decades here in Denver, Rabbi Raphael Leban’s warmth, wit and wisdom have made him a beloved teacher of Torah with a devoted following of students from across the community.

Originally from Virginia, Rabbi Leban learned Torah at the Mir Yeshiva in Israel and received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg of the Jerusalem Beis Din. He is the author of Torah Today, a popular series of comments on the weekly parsha. As Managing Director of TJE, Rabbi Leban develops the outreach and community programs, and co-shleps the organization to greatness along with Rabbi Wasserman.

Allegedly one of the world’s most extreme skiing Rabbis, Rabbi Leban now prefers the quiet life with his wife Ita and their 3 children, perfecting his cholent recipe in the relative safety of their home in Lowry. Right around dawn you can find him teaching the daily Daf Yomi Talmud class at Merkaz Torah.