Simply Miraculous

Iyar 26, 5782
May 27, 2022
Candlelighting Time 8:00 PM

            The parsha begins with the mandate to be immersed in Torah study, adherence and performance of the mitzvos are also vital. Subsequently, the rains will come in their proper time, the fields will produce and we will harvest the bounty. Meshech Chochma contends that the ultimate will of Hashem is to conduct the world in a naturally functioning manner. The entire creation should operate without any noticeable display of Divine intervention. Rather, all should seem to be flourishing efficiently and constantly. Of course, the challenge that we face is to recognize the hand of Hashem piloting ‘quietly’ behind the ‘scenes.’  And that is where many of us fail. For we are blinded by the panorama of nature that unfolds in front of us and we nary take notice of the driving force behind it all, Hashem. Therefore, since we ignore what should be the obvious, on occasion Hashem will perform a miracle to remind us of the truthful nature of nature, Hashem. Upon receiving that wake-up call, then we focus more intently upon the actual source of what we benefit from this world and we have the opportunity to reestablish our connection to Hashem in a better, more enhanced and special way.

            It would seem that Torah learning and devotion to fulfilling the mitzvos are intrinsically tied to the rainfall and produce that we merit. How can we understand that when we study Torah that will promote that rain will fall upon the plains? And why does performing mitzvos expedite a bumper crop?

            Imrei Shefer suggests that our Sages often compare Torah to water. Therefore, it is logical that we would merit rainfall that will be beneficial to us because we are immersed in the waters of Torah. That involvement fosters that response of our world through the direction of Hashem to supply us with that most important ingredient for life, water! Furthermore, we know from Pirkei Avos that when we perform mitzvos we create the principal and the subsequent fruits of our labor, performance of mitzvos. The principle is saved for our eventual repose in serenity in the next world and the fruits of our labor are enjoyed in this world in the form of actual fruits of our challenging work, specifically mentioned in terms of our produce. It is worthwhile to note that corresponding relationship mentioned in the Torah between our commitment to Torah and mitzvos and the responding world around us. 

            Tzror Hamor emphasizes that the Torah refers to the rainfall as ‘your rain.’ We, who have accepted the Torah and obligated ourselves to observe every detail contained within, are the facilitators of the rainfall. Even though the entire world values and reaps the revenues of the rainfall, through our service to Hashem we are the catalysts of that largess showered upon us from Heaven.


Even when we show remorse for our sins, if we are not proactive to prevent that we will repeat those mistakes, Hashem does not accept our dishonest regret.                                                   CHOFETZ CHAIM                                                

                                                            GOOD SHABBOS