Kosher Recipe Round-Up for Thanksgiving

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Whether you’re planning your very first Thanksgiving or you just need some inspiration for a new recipe or two, there are so many great places online to find tons of Kosher Thanksgiving recipes. We’ve rounded up several options in one place for you so you can bookmark this page and reference it as you plan your Thanksgiving menu. provides so many great Kosher recipes year-round but this page is great for planning a turkey day meal. Some highlights:

This delectable onion poppy twist

A caramelized pumpkin salad

Savory pickled dark turkey roast

Basil glazed string beans

Maple Pumpkin pie

Jamie Geller
Just about every Kosher cook knows Jamie Geller, who is often called “The Jewish Rachel Ray,” has a best-selling Kosher cookbook and offers so much more. She has tons of great kosher recipes, but one standout has to be this Whole Wheat Challah Stuffing with Dried Sage and Cranberries. What a great use of challah. Plus it’s packed with tons of those great fall flavors like sage and cranberry.

The Kosher Channel
Another fantastic resource, there are lots of great recipes to pick through. One that stands out is this recipe for a Southern Sweet Potato Pie, proving you can be Kosher and still enjoy those incredible Southern-style treats. This one is pretty simple and includes options for almond or soy milk to keep it dairy-free.

What Jew Wanna Eat
Amy Kritzer’s site is another go-to for Jewish recipes year-round, thanks to her modern approach to classic Jewish fare. Take, for example, this recipe for Caramelized Onion Sriracha Potato Kugel Casserole. After all, every good holiday needs a proper kugel and Thanksgiving is no exception.