Kids Craft Time: Plastic Spoon Flowers

Here is a fun summer craft you can do with your whole family! Make a fun Shabbos table centerpiece out of plastic spoons and some creativity and markers.
Plastic Spoon Flowers 


  • 4-5 plastic spoons 
  • Permanent markers or stickers 
  • Tape (green electric tape is a special touch, or green yarn) 
  • Spare pen or pencil Scissors 


  • Fill the inside of the spoon with marker color or stickers.
  • Bend the top of the spoon back, creating a flower petal.
  • Cut the spoon handles shorter by half.
  • Tape the handles around the pencil so that the petals are arranged around the pencil.
  • Wrap the pencil and spoon handles with green electric tape, green yarn, or green paper taped in place.