The High of the Holidays

The Jewish Experience held its first ever High Holiday programs this year (5771/2010). Held in the Eisenhower Chapel and two Lowry Town Center storefronts, a few hundred people were able to participate in classes taught by special guest Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin and a learner’s service run by Rabbi Raphael Leban.

Kids up to 12 years of age were treated to a fun and educational program especially for them, including a Rosh Hashanah Land game with an 8′ x 12′ board and Jewish sillybands for prizes.

Adults were given an opportunity to explore the themes and traditions of the High Holidays in an open environment, asking questions and participating in whatever language and level they felt comfortable.

Some comments from participants:

  • “I got more out of the Yom Kippur learner’s service than I have ever learned about Yom Kippur before.”
  • “I wanted to personally thank you for putting together the best High Holiday experience that I have ever had.  My entire family enjoyed going to services, and what I enjoyed the most was being able to understand why we do what we do during the holidays.  Having an interactive service was so powerful because there were truly deep spiritual topics to think about and later we discussed these topics with other friends and family. So the conversation continued and got deeper, we didn’t just go home and watch TV and wait for the fast to end.”
  • “For the first time in many, many years my wife and I connected very much with the service and your leadership of the services.”

For more information about holiday and Shabbos programs like these, please drop us a line or give us a call, (303) 316-6412.

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