new and improved high holidays

we’re making your HH experience bigger and better

(so you can kick-off a new and improved year)

Inspiring Classes with the dynamic TJE Educators:

Rabbi Raphael Leban
Rabbi Danny Wolfe
Mrs. Rochel Goldbaum

Mrs. Ellyn Hutt
Mrs. Chaya Parkoff
Mrs. Sara Wolfe

Super engaging musical services with Reb Gili Houpt
Meaningful Instructional Service with R’ Raphael Leban

Interactive Young Family Service and Tashlich Picnic with Rabbi Danny and Sara Wolfe

*In a larger, more versatile venue down the street @ Hillel Academy
450 S. Hudson St., Denver, CO 80246

The whole shabang is FREE for anyone registered (or who registers here) in an ongoing TJE educational program!

Check out the amazing options that we offer below:​

Join us on Tuesday Evenings, Oct 9 through Nov 27, 5:30pm-9pm, for a variety of classes to choose from, bonus Partners in Torah, and a delicious dinner buffet.

Have nothing to do on a Monday night? Learn Hebrew! Starting October 22nd. All levels welcome.

A weekly series for women led by Ellyn Hutt. Tuesdays at 2pm.

One word can say it all. Join us as we explore a key word from each week’s parsha and discover inspiration and guidance for our life’s journey.

Join Sara Wolfe for a special series on 48 Secrets for Successful Living, based on With Heart in Mind by Alan Morinis.

The group meets biweekly on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30 pm, and each meeting is independent of the other, so you can join at any time!

The Jewish University offers you …

• Fluency in the most important areas of Jewish life, thought, and history.
• In-depth knowledge of the entire Torah.
• A clear grasp of the essentials of Jewish philosophy.
• A comprehensive overview of Jewish history from Abraham to modern times.

Meets on Sundays at 10:30, Starting August 26th.

At no cost to you, we’ll provide you with a hand-selected personal teacher. Together, you’ll study together each week in-person and learn any Jewish topic of your choice.

Or, if you would like to teach instead, we’ll find you a study partner for you who wants to know more. Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Two choices: DTC or Down Town. Join Rabbi Aaron B. Kagan (DTC) or Rabbi Leban (DT) for learning at lunchtime. Get the latest parsha updates and keep your spiritual life from crashing!