The Jewish Experience is ready to welcome in 5784! Below you’ll find all of our High Holiday offerings, starting with a fun and free Pre-High Holiday Experience for young families – everyone is welcome.

Admission to all classes and Highlight services is included with a Yizkor donation of $180.
Each individual class or service is $18.
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9.24.23: Kol Nidre at BMH-BJ

Kol Nidre Inspiration
Torah Talks Class with Rabbi Leban – Let ChatGPT Write Your Apologies This Year

9.25.23: Yom Kippur at BMH-BJ

10:30 to 11:25: High Holiday Highlight Service with Rabbi Leban
Torah Talks: New Year Ideas Worth Spreading
11:30 to 11:55: Gila Ross – From Regret to Repentance: Fueling Your Resilience Revolution
12:00 to 12:30: Rabbi Ross Class – Exploring Insights and Discoveries: A Reflective Dialogue on the Past Year