Giving Thanks

As we approach the American day of Thanksgiving, we want to express our tremendous gratitude to all the collaborators, volunteers, friends, supporters and partners who helped make last week one of the busier in recent memory!

You and those who believe in us gave us the ability to make all this possible. In eight days, we brought the community:

A collaborative Shabbos Project event with over 500 people – an overnight Ladies Retreat – young professionals Torah and Turf Football League games – and three (!) volunteer events to feed the hungry and comfort mourners.

We also hosted a Bris, a Bat Mitzvah Shabbos meal, a Pirchei Boys Learning program, and a Ladies Melave Malka at the Center.

And this is in addition to our regular classes, events and programs, like the Shmorg, Hebrew Nights, Shatz Morning Service and the Sunday Experience.

More than a thousand people were touched and included in this one week alone, bringing the community together for lasting inspiration.

BMH President Jeff Kline described the Shabbos Project in his letter to the IJN entitled Unity is Beautiful as  “a truly magical and inspirational Shabbat weekend and experience.”

To all our friends, Thank you so much for your commitment and generosity!

With our deepest appreciation,

Team TJE