Double the Jokes: Parking and Philanthropy

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It’s a double-joke week! Enjoy!


Moishe is driving in Jerusalem. He’s late for a meeting and he’s looking for a parking place, and can’t find one. In desperation, he turns towards heaven and says: “Lord, if you find me a parking place, I promise that I’ll
eat only kosher, respect Shabbos, and all the holidays.” 

Just like that, miraculously, a place opens up just in front of him.  He turns his face up to heaven and says, “Never mind, I just found one!”


A visitor to Israel attended a recital and concert at the Moscovitz auditorium.  He was quite impressed with the architecture and the acoustics.  He inquired of the tour guide, “Is this magnificent auditorium named after Chaim Moscovitz, the famous Talmudic scholar?”
“No,” replied the guide.
“It’s named after Sam Moscovitz, the writer.”
“Never heard of him. What did he write?”
“A check,” replied the guide.