Looking for something bold, life changing, inspirational, authentic?

Look no further.

High Holidays at The Jewish Experience are one of a kind.  Join us for an experience that will transform the way you live, love, and lead your life – this year and beyond.

Yom Kippur, Tuesday Night, October 8, 5780
6:15 PM – Musical Kol Nidre Service with Ari Hoffman and Rabbi Raphael Leban
6:45 PM – Class with Sara Wolfe – “Maintaining Focus in a Hectic World”
7:15 PM – Class with Rabbi Danny Wolfe – “Daring To Trust: A life changing paradigm shift.”
*Children’s Programming from 6:15-7:45 pm

Yom Kippur, Wednesday, October 9, 5780
10:00 AM – Inspirational and Interactive Service, with Rabbi Raphael Leban
10:45 AM – Class with Chaya Parkoff – “From Survivor To Creator!”
11:15 AM – Class with Rabbi Leban – “World to Come: Guaranteed.”
11:45 AM – Yizkor Service
12:00 PM – Afternoon Break
5:00 PM – Yonah Play, Presented by the children of The Sunday Experience
5:15 PM – Class with Ellyn Hutt – “Why Did Jonah Run?” (based on the teachings of Rabbi David Fohrman)
6:00 PM – Musical N’eila Service with Ari Hoffman
7:15 PM – Shofar
7:30 PM – Break the Fast
*Children’s Programming from 10:00 am-12 pm and 5:15 pm-7:30 pm.

Dedicated in memory of Carl Freyer, z”l by the Freyer Family Foundation.

October 8
12:00 am — 12:00 am

The Jewish Experience Center

Chaya Parkoff, Ellyn Hutt, Rabbi Danny Wolfe, Rabbi Raphael Leban, Sara Wolfe

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