All for the Boss

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing episodes in the history of our nation is that of the Golden Calf. Rashi explains that Moshe told the people that he was going to be gone for 40 days. However, they misunderstood how to count the 40 days and they included the day that he left. Since they were off by a day they expected Moshe to return one day earlier and when he didn’t they were terrified that they had lost their leader.

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All For You!

After the Torah gave us a detailed explanation of the components of the Mishkan and the magnificent garments that they donned, the ceremonial procedure to install Ahron and his children as the Kohanim to service the Jewish nation took place.

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This Week In Pictures

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We had a fabulously busy week here at TJE! From the launch of our new weekly learning series - Yagdil Torah, to plenty of Olami YP learning, families prepping for Purim and more! Here is This Week In Pictures!

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Sharing Our Stories Through Food: Nany Frieda’s Mandelbread

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My great grandmother, Nany Frieda, always had freshly baked cookies when we came to visit her in Miami. Chocolatey mandelbread and delicate rolls of chocolate rugaleach topped with colorful sprinkles greeted us every time. Sometimes my brother and sisters and I were lucky and Nany Frieda would let us help her bake.

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Weekly Insights with Chaya Parkoff

I have been struggling to write this email. Do I write about this week's Parsha - and talk about the garments that the Kohanim (High Priests) wore in the Holy Temple, and the meaning and lessons we can derive from those garments? Or do I write about the upcoming holiday of Purim or the special Torah portion we read the Shabbat before Purim about Amalek? While there is so much I could say about each of those topics, I ultimately chose to write about an experience I had this past Shabba

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