Route 22

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Sitting on the side of the highway waiting to catch speeding drivers, a State Police Officer sees a car puttering along at 22 MPH. He thinks to himself, "This driver…

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Cementing our Future

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 8December 4, 2020 Kislev 18, 5781PARSHAS VAYISHLACHCandlelighting Time 4:17 PM             Yaakov escapes from the house of Lavan only to encounter his nemesis, Eisav and…

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The Newlyweds

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This newlywed couple checked into a suite at the Watergate Hotel in Washington for their honeymoon... The bride was worried that the place might still be bugged, so she asked…

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Inherently Natural

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 7November 28, 2020 Kislev 11, 5781PARSHAS VAEITZEICandlelighting Time 4:18 PM          Yaakov spent twenty long years at the house of Lavan and after Yosef was…

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The Jew and the bear

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A man is out in the woods when he comes across a bear. Frightened for his life, he runs as fast as he can to escape the bear and hides in…

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By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 6November 21, 2020 Kislev 4, 5781PARSHAS TOLDOSCandlelighting Time 4:21 PM          When it came time for Yitzchok to bless his children he was blind. The…

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The Perfect Match

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 5November 14, 2020CHESHVAN 26, 5781PARSHAS CHAYEI SARACandlelighting Time 4:26 PM          Obviously, Rivka was a special person who merited to become the wife of Yitzchok.…

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Undying Passion

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 4November 7, 2020CHESHVAN 19, 5781PARSHAS VAYEIRACandlelighting Time 4:32 PM             Hashem tested Avrohom ten times to enhance his latent potential for greatness. He surpassed all…

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