Education is at the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission.

At the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission is education.

We have a great team of engaging Torah gurus who love to answer your questions and share the beauty and depth of classical Judaism in the language of today’s Jew.

Select an opportunity listed here, or contact us to design your own learning experience. Call Rabbi Leban for recommendations: 303-316-6412 or

Partners in Torah

Study one-on-one with a mentor or partner chosen especially for you!

The Jewish University

Our flagship system of adult Jewish education that runs September – May.

Lunch and Learns

Want to do something different on your lunch break? Serving DownTown and DTC.

Hebrew Language

Learn to read and speak hebrew.

Adult Education Events & Classes

A Costly Peace

by Rabbi Nussbaum VOLUME 94 NUMBER 6February 21, 2020SHEVAT 26, 5780PARSHAS MISHPATIMCandlelighting Time 5:25 PM We are commanded upon entering in to Israel to totally

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by Rabbi Nussbaum VOLUME 94 NUMBER 5February 14, 2019SHEVAT 19, 5780PARSHAS YISROCandlelighting Time 5:17 PM When the Torah was received by the nation, Mt. Sinai

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Beshalach vol.94 no.4

PARSHAS BESHALACH February 7,2019   SHEVAT 12, 5780 Candlelighting Time 5:09 PM THE  ULTIMATE LEAP It seemed that after the Egyptians suffered through the Ten Plagues that

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What did you say?

VOLUME 94 NUMBER 2 January 24, 2019/TEVES 27, 5780 PARSHAS VAEIRA Candlelighting Time 4:52 PM WHAT DID YOU SAY? Chofetz Chaim poses a very serious

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Giving Thanks

  As we approach the American day of Thanksgiving, we want to express our tremendous gratitude to all the collaborators, volunteers, friends, supporters and partners

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Taking Time Out

On November 10th and 11th, twenty women, between the ages of twenty and seventy-five, from different backgrounds and levels of Jewish observance, came together to

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