Education is at the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission.

At the heart of The Jewish Experience’s mission is education.

We have a great team of engaging Torah gurus who love to answer your questions and share the beauty and depth of classical Judaism in the language of today’s Jew.

Select an opportunity listed here, or contact us to design your own learning experience. Call Rabbi Leban for recommendations: 303-316-6412 or

Partners in Torah

Study one-on-one with a mentor or partner chosen especially for you!

The Jewish University

Our flagship system of adult Jewish education that runs September – May.

Lunch and Learns

Want to do something different on your lunch break? Serving DownTown and DTC.

Hebrew Language

Learn to read and speak hebrew.

Adult Education Events & Classes

Undying Passion

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 4November 7, 2020CHESHVAN 19, 5781PARSHAS VAYEIRACandlelighting Time 4:32 PM             Hashem tested Avrohom ten times to enhance his latent potential for greatness. He surpassed all

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When The Smoke Clears

By Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 3October 30, 2020CHESHVAN 12, 5781PARSHAS LECH LECHACandlelighting Time 5:41 PM          Hashem made a covenant with Avrohom foretelling him of the future exiles that his

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Alex Amchislavskiy

Seared Salmon and Savory Salad

A lot of color and flavor in 30 min-ish. Pour yourself some of your favorite lchaim, put on some tunes, and let’s get to work. Seared Salmon and Savory Salad

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From The Depths

by Rabbi NussbaumVOLUME 98 NUMBER 2October 23, 2020 CHESHVAN 5, 5781PARSHAS NOACHCandlelighting Time 5:50 PM          Noach was a great tzaddik and in his merit the world was able to

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