February 3, 2018 | 15th Annual Wine & Cheese Gala

Join us for the tastiest and most delightful evening in support of The Jewish Experience and the Jewish community.

The Studios at Overland Crossing

2203 S. Delaware St. • Denver, CO 80223

(With plenty of free parking!)

Saturday Evening, February 3, 2018

8:00 PM

of Rabbi Ahron Y. Wasserman's visionary leadership of The Jewish Experience

Serving up


Sweet and savory hors d'oeuvres by Master Chef Cheryl Leban and fine Kosher wines from around the world

Food & Wine


Taste a wide array of flavors and varieties with New Belgium Brewery

Taste new artisanal whiskeys from local distillery Laws Whiskey

Live Musical Entertainment
+ TJE's latest comedy video release

Handwriting Analysis

And of course...

The best schmoozing in Denver!

with Abbie Lawrence

Plus: a splash of color!

Special performance by Brian Olsen's Art in Action

Using fingertips, palms, elbows and up to three brushes in each hand, Brian paints portraits of famous people including musicians, sports figures, and top corporate heads on a 4.5x6ft. canvas in just a matter of minutes.

Couvert: $100/person

Rabbi Wasserman’s 18th year 

at TJE and support the education and outreach 

so near and dear to his heart.

Aged Whiskey

Make a L'Chaim

Donations of $360 and above will be recognized at the Wine & Cheese event
and include admission for 2 as well as a text tribute to Rabbi Wasserman

Craft Beer

Text Tribute to Rabbi Wasserman:
$36 for a 140-character message to be
displayed and shared at the event 



Event Committee

Keith & Laura Abramson- Pritchard 

Scott & Sally Alpert

Rick & Suzie Altman

Joel & Tiffany Appel

Mark & Melanie Avner

Bob & Amy Balaban

Dani & Jodi Basch

Bruce & Jennifer Bendell

Eliot Boyle

Leya Bram

Jason & Barbara Carroll

Berdine Clumpus

Tal & Amy Diamant

Craig & Melanie Eisen 

Howard & Sherry Feingold 

Adam & Amy Fenster

Yitz & Marissa Finch

George & Cindy Friedland 

Alan & Belina Fruitman 

Shaul Gabbay 

Larry & Erica Gray 

Jay & Wendy Greenwald 

Michael & Lori Hayutin

Steve & Ellyn Hutt 

Andrea Hyatt 


Peter & Gabriela Gottlieb                 Craig Kornbluth & Hannah Katz                 Jonathan & Rebecca Ramo-Cofino


Leo & Yana Profilet 

David & Allegra Reynolds

Yoni & Diana Riss

Joel & Stacy Rozansky 

Ron & Karen Rubin 

Edan & Annie Sarid 

Toni & Bobby Schiff 

Alan & Judy Schreiber 

Stuart & Leslie Senkfor 

Daniel Shapiro & Michelle Kalin 

Yan & Ilona Shur 

Mike & Traci Sidon 

Buddy & Teena Slatkin 

Geoff & Robin Smith 

Dawn & Mark Spector 

Trip & Susan Stern 

Jeanette Terry

Dov & Rachel Thorner

Mark & Jaci Tylicki 

Ari & Mimi Weiss

Robert & Jenna Wilkin 

Dave & Pam Wolf 

Mike & Cindy Wolfe 

Glenn & Corina Zazulia

Ian & Sarah Zucker

Ruth Hyman 

Larry & Debbie Jacobs

Jay & Stephanie Kamlet 

Andy & Rana Kark

David & Nancy Kaufman

Tova Kawa 

Bryan & Michelle Kazin 

Art & Joanne Kleinstein

Evan & Ellen Kline 

Rob & Kathy Klugman 

Dan & Jeannie Kravitz

Karen Krzyzaniak 

Ira & Ellen Lehrman 

Mark & Nisa Levy

Eileen Lowey 

Robert & Jacquie Marks 

Glen McConville & Kara Lukin 

Kevin & Julie Morton 

Adam Moskowitz 

Seth & Lauren Peritzman 

Brett & Casey Perry 

Brian & Amy Perry

David & Edra Pollin Dezen 

Alan & Mimi Pomeranz 

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